NESKRID - Classification

NESKRID safety shoes meet the requirements of the European Standard EN-ISO 20345:2011

All Neskrid safety shoes are continually tested in cooperation with C.T.C.P. and TÜV Rheinland. Due to our strict quality standards, all our shoes meet the required safety and quality standards. Employers run the risk of receiving a damages claim if their shoes do not meet the established European guidelines. This also applies to modified safety shoes and replacement of the inlay for a support sole, even when modifications are made by an orthopaedic professional.

These European guidelines are summarized in the standard EN-ISO 20345:2011, where the requirements for safety shoes to European standards are described. In addition, safety shoes are divided into classes, signaled with the letter S for safety.


Safety Classes

SB: basic safety shoes, equipped with protective toe and anti-static sole for light work situations.

SB: all basic requirements are met. Equipped with a protective toe and an oil, lye and acid resistant sole.

S1: SB + closed heel + anti-static + energy absorption in the heel. Suitable for dry situations.

S1 Idem SB + anti-static + impenetrable inner sole.

S2: Idem S1 + water permeability.

S2P Idem S2 + penetration proof inner sole.

S3: Idem S2 +penetration proof inner sole. Suitable for wet spaces and perforation risk.

S4: Safety boots with protective toe, ant-static sole and energy absorbing heel.

S5: S4 but with anti-slip sole and penetration proof inner sole.

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